KG Rabot

(c) Kopergietery
(c) Kopergietery

Since 2009, KOPERGIETERY's artistic expertise has also been deployed in Ghent's working-class neighbourhood Rabot, where KOPERGIETERY has its second theatre hall: KG RABOT. The Rabot district is considered one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in the city and has a high concentration of diverse nationalities and young families.

Through neighbourhood-oriented artistic projects, KOPERGIETERY seeks to connect with the residents; this is done mainly by collaborating with neighbourhood organisations and/or (district) artists. For instance, KOPERGIETERY realised several drama projects (Zingeling, Jong Geweld,... ) and the literary project Soepletters, together with the Freinetschool Mandala located there.
Besides such artistic projects, weekly Theatre Workshops are also organised for children from the neighbourhood. The aim is to introduce them to theatre, and - those who want to - to move on to regular theatre workshops.

Since June 2012, the neighbourhood has its own neighbourhood restaurant (eatery Toreke) for which KOPERGIETERY helps in the cultural programming.

In collaboration with the district schools, KOPERGIETERY organises weekly theatre workshops for children from the Rabot district between 8 and 12 years old. The Rabot workshops will take place on Wednesdays each week and will start at the end of September. In terms of content, these workshops often follow the same approach as the weekly workshops in KOPERGIETERY. Like the weekly theatre workshops in Blekerijstraat, the Rabotateliers will have a public showcase during the Theatre Weekend.

CinéRABOT, that means a fun film on Wednesdays! 
In cooperation with youth film expert JEF, we present an afternoon and evening film during the autumn and crocus holidays. The afternoon film is often followed by a culinary extra by Eetcafé Toreke. From season 2021-2022, we will expand our CinéRABOT series with 4 extra Wednesdays. Each time, CinéRABOT+ will be put together by a neighbourhood organisation from the Rabot. Our first partner in crime is Eetcafé Toreke, which will host the film for October. Youth culture centre Minus One will follow in December, Freinetschool Mandala in February and Manoeuvre vzw in May. Everyone is welcome to these Wednesday films with a +!

You can find the actual CinéRABOT programme in our programme overview.

KOPERGIETERY regularly presents its own creations or guest performances in theatre hall KG RABOT.

The multifunctional theatre hall KG RABOT is also open to other (neighbourhood) organisations as much as possible. For instance, there is weekly dancing by Crazy Legs and every Thursday evening there is a singing workshop for Rabot children in collaboration with Brede School Rabot.


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